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This book started out so awesome. Machines are doing a great job of serving people, it takes a realistic walkthrough towards a fully automated restaurant system, and it titillates me into thinking where this story is suppose to go.Author is the founder of HowStuffWorks, it was mesmerizing the way he describes the incremental automization of a McDonalds style fast food chain. Managerial jobs are eliminated and instead a computer software gives instructions on how to manage the restaurant. Sales go up, people become happy(as expected).But then it takes a super leftist and unrealistic dystopian turn towards a welfare state where everybody is imprisoned by machines, followed by a utopian vision of something similar to Venus Project, no sorry, a wet dream of Jacque Fresco(The Venus Project fonder). This book fails completely on all accounts of economics.Theres almost no human relationships angle, no struggle, no plot. Just what a technocrat imagines the world would look like if he was made in charge of everything, with the dystopian vision which he imagines capitalism (or anyone else who is not as smart as him in charge) would bring about.The funniest part is in his dystopian vision of a fully mechanized reality, the Roberts are in the true control, they keep people inside confined areas and feed them for free. Of course the whole Robot society is working for a few ultra rich people. For some reason, all usages of labor have been thrown aside. When so many people are laid off, the price of labor falls significantly, we would observe an inverse Ricardo effect and more people will be hired. The real wages of the individuals would actually go up, because these people can buy ultra cheap Robot products now.But no, the super greedy ultra rich people instead of employing the large amount of labor for even more purposes, instead retires them and provides them with welfare. The few assumptions of dystopian vision of the future are:a) Human Desires are limitedb) Robots have desires, they are not merely a tool to achieve ends by a humanc) Ultra rich people dont wanna ever see another human being, they hate humanityIn the Utopian vision of a fully mechanized reality, everything is technologically super advanced(like every central planner, technology is the most required option). Everybody is plugged into a central system, where crime is prevented by the computer predicting the crime and then taking over the individuals body and stopping the body(and this is where the authors inner dictator comes out because he fails to see how orwellian/huxleyan this is). Some assumptions of this utopian vision are:a) Theres infinite energy to do whatever they wantb) Theres infinite resources, whatever Robot overlord wants, he gets itb) Robots dont have desires, they are complete tool for mankind to achieve their endsc) Human beings have unlimited desires about arts and literature and everything, which are only limited by money and ultra rich peopleThe ending is nothing but musings of protagonist about how awesome his life has become after the complete control of Robots was given to a well designed centrally planned economy.EDIT: Grammar, spellings.

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